The outfits of a person who doesn’t quite belong // some summer OOTD thoughts and illustrations

As fashion blogs are so popular on the internet, I thought today it’d be fun to talk about my personal style. Why? Well, unlike all these other girls who seem to have it together, who follow (or set) the trends and look as if they’ve stepped out of a magazine, I’m generally just a hot mess.

I mean, I don’t think I’m a hot mess; I wear what I like and feel good in. But I’ve met many people over the years who have given me those backhanded compliments that have assured me I’m not doing it completely right. Things like:

  • When I would tell people I was going to study abroad in London, their response would be “Ah, that’s cool. Your style looks like it comes from somewhere else. You’d fit right in.” Um thanks? I appreciate being recognized as someone with a unique style, but are you telling me I don’t belong here based on my wardrobe? And really, how much do you really know about UK fashion?
  • Or when one of my old managers in retail would talk about having a teammate having a great fashion sense in a conversation and I would reply asking her about mine, to which she would reply that it was very “me” and “different”. I’m pretty sure it was her polite way of saying “You do you, but it’s not right.” Haha.

And really, the people from the above examples are right: I don’t necessarily dress to fit in and I do tend to have my own sense of style. But hey, isn’t that the beauty in fashion just as it’s the beauty in art? Sometimes the most interesting things come from people stepping out and finding their own style?

So, to celebrate my own unique fashion style and encourage others to do the same, I thought I’d share some OOTD drawings and talk about what you can expect to find me wearing if we ever meet.

(And apologies in advance for the somewhat sloppy quality of these photos. It was ridiculously hot when I went outside to take them, the kind of hot where you sweat just breathing, so I totally rushed through them. Whoops.)

OOTD Illustrations || Waist-tie Dress and Pandora jewelry || by Asti @

Outfit #1: Dresses & Pandora Jewelry

My mom actually loved putting me in dresses as a kid, but between my inability to drink milk out of a carton without spilling it all over me and my natural tomboyish ways, I quickly stopped wearing them once I started dressing myself. As an adult though, I find I love them and it mainly has to do with one thing: my fluctuating weight. I hate the stress that comes with putting on pants and realizing they’re no longer fitting as well as they used to. Dresses solve that problem for the most part. I mean, you do have to be wary of how short they get as you get wider, but overall they’re more comfortable to grow in.

And, if I’m wearing one of my many dresses, it’s a good bet that I’m wearing my Pandora jewelry. I have a Pandora bracelet that Dave bought me for our first Christmas together and over the years it has been filled with charms from our many adventures together (along with a few others from my parents). It’s the only jewelry I wear (along with a necklace) and I like that it acts as a memory book in a way.

OOTD Illustrations || Cardigan, Blouse, and Shorts || by Asti @

Outfit #2: Sleeveless Blouses, Cardigans, and Shorts

Sleeveless blouses are my favorite things. I like how light and airy they are, I like that I can just throw a cardigan over them if I’m a little chilly, and I just think they’re one of those things that will always be somewhat in style. Plus, they’re sleeveless! And, if you couldn’t tell between this OOTD and the last, I don’t like long sleeves. If any dress or top has them, you can almost always count on me to roll or scrunch the sleeves up so my forearms are bare because for some reason their full length bothers me.

And the shorts? Well, don’t let me fool you. Those are not tight booty shorts. I don’t care for those personally. The kind of shorts I prefer to wear are the loose fabric kind with elastic waistbands. Because comfort. I’m all about comfort. (But hey, the funky patterns make them sort of fashionable, no? No, probably not.)

OOTD Illustrations || Pants, Tanks, and Cap || by Asti @

Outfit #3: Caps, Tanks/Tees, and Baggy Pants

This is my “I don’t really want to get dressed so here’s my half-assed attempt” look that I can be found in most often, which I sometimes claim to be my attempts athleisure wear. It usually involves throwing a hat on my head because my hair’s a mess, putting on a loose t-shirt or tank, and wearing comfortable baggy pants either casual or joggers. It’s honestly really nothing pretty and I’m pretty sure it’s the look that confuses people the most because it’s like “is she trying or not? What the heck is going on there?” And really, I don’t know. It’s just an accurate representation of how I feel some days: I go out attempting to look like I have it all together but really, I’m just not feeling it. It’s neither here or there.

OOTD Illustrations || V-neck tee and midi skirts || by Asti @

Outfit #4: Shirts and Midi Skirts

This is my newest go-to look (though one I don’t wear often because my mom says it reminds her of what my aunt wore when they were in school and I don’t know, that just put me off): high-waisted long skirts with somewhat fitted shirts. You see, the thing about most of my looks is that they’re not always flattering for my body type. I prefer bagginess for comfort and/or growth but unfortunately that bagginess tends to mean most of my shape is hidden. And, believe it or not, I have a nice hourglass figure (bom chicka wow wow!) So, these high-waisted skirts are awesome because not only do they highlight my waist but they still allow for the comfort I so happily seek. Plus, it means I don’t have to worry as much about flashing everyone on a windy day. No one wants to see my granny panties.

The only thing missing from these four OOTDs are my scarves. I do own quite a few scarves and they are the one thing I turn to when I like an outfit but feel like it can do with something a bit more. They’re not pictured in any of the above because it’s a bit too hot for them now, but I can guarantee you I could find a scarf to wear with each above if I wanted. (And I’m not quite sure why I like them so much. Makes me feel less naked since I don’t often wear jewelry? To help cover cleavage? To have a tool to choke someone if they really annoy me? Hmm…)

So there you have it, a rundown of my style when it comes to fashion. That wasn’t too bad, right? I don’t look completely ridiculous, do I? I’m curious, what would you say are your go to looks? Any similarities? Is there a certain theme (such as my comfort and ability to wear with fluctuating weight) that affects what you like to wear? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “The outfits of a person who doesn’t quite belong // some summer OOTD thoughts and illustrations

  1. I like your style! I’m all about comfort. I don’t really have a style. Definitely a jeans girl, I don’t feel comfortable in anything else really. I say wear what you want!

    1. Jeans and black, that’s your style! But I don’t know how you do jeans. I love them when they fit, but my fluctuating weight makes them way too difficult these days.

  2. Did someone actually make that comment to you before you left for London? Wtf! I’ve seen you multiple times, and I never thought you looked unfashionable or badly put together. Of course, you may have been trying harder those days, and, more importantly, I’m probably not the best judge. xD
    #3 is definitely a go-to look for me. If I’m at home and either alone or with people I’m comfortable around, I’m either in pjs or yoga pants with a comfortable top. Otherwise, I mostly wear jeans with t-shirts or long-sleeved t-shirts. I have a few nicer tops. I also enjoy wearing dresses, but it really has to be hot enough for me to wear them. I think I’ve worn one two or three times since moving. But yeah, comfort is definitely key for me. No high heels here!

    1. Haha, I actually have had MORE than one person make that comment about my style fitting London before I left. People are just so nice. Though that WAS a couple of years ago so who knows what I looked like then. (Though really, I don’t think it was anything vastly different. I’m a creature of habit. :P)

      Anyone who doesn’t have #3 as a go to look can’t be my friend, haha. Some days we just need the comfort. And I get you on the dress thing. It has definitely been hot here so I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. I think the other thing I like about them is that they require less thought? Like with two-piece outfits you have to think about both the top and the bottom whereas dresses are just one? lol. I’m so challenged.

  3. Go you for owning your style! (Which, by the way, I think is awesome). Love the last one (I’m fully going off the drawing here, since we’ve never met in person… which we should remedy some day) but I love what you described. I think it’s cool that it’s an “older” kind of style and I see it a lot these days, it’s kinda making a comeback!
    As for my #3… I think yours is super fashionable compared to mine, lol. As soon as I get home it’s sports bras, tank top and sweatpants… or various type of sports clothes as long as they’re comfy (and believe it or not, running tights or shorts are super comfy).

    1. We will definitely remedy the meeting in person someday! Just let me get to London first 😉

      Yesss to athleisurewear. Mine would probably be more sporty as yours if I owned as much sportswear as I’m sure you do. Though I’m not sure the sports bra would be a thing. I mean, I wear it when I’m exercising but just around the house? I’m sure my mom would appreciate it because she always makes comments about my nipples poking her eyes out (is that TMI? lol) but I prefer freedom.

  4. I love this idea, and your outfits are so cute! I’m all for sleeveless blouses as well. They look good by themselves as well as with a cardigan, and they’re generally very flattering and flowy. ^_^

    1. Thanks Inge! And yes, flowy sleeveless blouses for the win. It doesn’t matter how many I have, I’m always tempted to buy more. It’s a good thing I don’t have money right now haha.

  5. Asti, I think your style is gorgeous! It always frustrates me when I hear people critiquing what others wear on a daily basis, even if it’s well-intentioned – clothes are made for no one but the person wearing them, in my opinion, so I’m never quite sure why others think it’s their business to comment on people’s fashion choices. That said, I’m rather sad that you didn’t include any of your scarves in these lovely drawings – I too am a scarf aficionado & I always quite adore feasting my eyes on others’ scarves! If (when) we ever meet in person, perhaps we can exchange our favourite scarf stores & stories. 😉 xx

    1. Thanks Topaz! I agree, it’s sad that people use clothing as an excuse for judgment. I actually am pretty good at letting it not affect me these days, but that’s mainly because nothing is bad as the comments I received in high school as a “goth”. The amount of times that adults would tell me it’s not halloween or give me dirty looks or even that one time someone drove by and shouted “just kill yourself already” – ugh. People should be able to express themselves in whatever way they choose without such judgment if it’t not causing any harm.

      But yes, scarves for the win! I’m actually sad because I lost half of my scarf collection in the moves over the years so don’t have as many as I once did, but I still have a good handful. Maybe I’ll do some more OOTDs illustrations once winter rolls around so I can celebrate scarves more adequately. (And yes to meeting to exchange scarves and stories! I’d love someday to just travel around the world meeting all the people I’ve met online. x)

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