the blogger

Hi there.

My name’s Asti. Yes, you read that right: Asti.

I know, I know, it’s an unusual name. So to answer the usual questions that comes along with introducing myself: it’s not pronounced Ass-tea (gross), it’s not short for anything, and my parents aren’t alcoholics who named me after the wine. The origin of my name is much more embarrassing than all of that.

I’m currently in my late twenties and apart from art and stories I enjoy chocolate, baths, dancing, dogs, villains, blogging, reality competitions, dark comedy, and snail mail. I’m a creature of comfort with a dash of evil, more or less.

According to the VIA Character Strengths Survey, my signature strengths are humor, perseverance, honesty, love, and judgment and based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory I’m an ISFJ/ISTJ. But let’s be real, the true test of character is what Pottermore gives you and I’m proud to announce it’s sorted me into Gryffindor and Pukwudgie, given me a hedgehog Patronus, and assigned me a wand made of beech wood w/a phoenix feather core, 11 3/4” and reasonably supple flexibility.

I currently live in Indiana with my family, but have plans to join my husband in London after I apply for my visa (we’ve been working towards this for so long). I’ll also be attempting to join the publishing industry once I move as I have a Publishing MA, but as of right now I’m just a stay-at-home daughter who draws and blogs. (Aren’t my parents so lucky?)

If you want to know anything else, you can check out my FAQ page, visit me on one of my social media accounts linked at the top of the page, or contact me. I usually respond either asap or within a month. It’s a gamble.

the blog

atypicalnarrative is a (life + stories + art) blog started in March 2017. Its aim is to be a personal creative outlet full of illustrations, media recommendations, word vomit, and a dash of fun. 

Participation is recommended! Leave a comment, share a post, shoot me a message. I love getting to know strangers on the internet – it’s how I met my husband – so let’s chat!


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