Success! A month-long challenge of Disney doodles completed.

Do you remember that time I wrote a post about my attempt to take part in an Instagram and how I came to the conclusion that it’s not considered failing when you decide an Instagram challenge is no longer for you?  No?!? Ugh, what a fake fan. 😉

Well, last summer I attempted to take part in #doodletimewithkaroline. Keyword: attempted. I lasted one week. And then, to make me feel better about myself, I devoted a blog post to my attempt and told everyone that even though I didn’t complete the challenge by participating in all thirty prompts, I didn’t actually fail because I learned stuff about the community and my artwork and whatnot. And learning stuff makes me the best so in your face, right?

I still stand by the point of that post: you have the power to define what success is to you. But let’s be 100% real, when I joined that challenge, my goal wasn’t to learn. I wanted to complete it. I wanted my artwork to show up on that hashtag everyday. I wanted to be one of those kick-ass people who joined a month-long challenge and survived.

So with the start of the new year, I tried again. And guess what?

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

As a result, I have to write another post about Instagram challenges. Because, you know, what’s a victory if you can’t celebrate it? I want everyone to know that not only can I succeed by bending the rules and looking at things my way, but that I can also succeed by doing it the right way.

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Instagram Inspirations: Diary Doodles ft. Frannerd, squarefetish, and Sharon Sordo

On my @atypicalnarrative Instagram account I tend to only follow creators. There’s something just so motivating about opening my feed and scrolling through the artwork of so many inspirational creators – it makes me want to keep learning and improving my work.

While the artists I follow create a diverse range of content, I thought it would be fun to highlight what I’ve noticed as the posts that excite me the most: diary doodles. 

My Instagram Inspirations: @squarefetish, @sharonsordo, @frannerd and their diary doodles
Note: The three characters above belong to their respective creators (@squarefetish, @sharonsordo, and @frannerd). I pulled the character designs, styles, and color choices from their Instagram to create this image. All credit goes to them.

The thing about diary doodles…

I absolutely love artists that create illustrations reflecting their own lives. While I definitely have an appreciation for imaginative work, I find that I’m much more likely to slow down and admire illustrations capturing everyday moments and observations in my feed. Why?

The autobiographical illustrations help “humanize” the artist. I think at times it’s easy to look at your Instagram feed (no matter what the content) and feel totally disconnected with the other contributors because they’re so creative or have great success or whatever. They can seem somewhat untouchable.

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No creative produces perfect work all the time. Behold my cringe!

For the most part, I have shared every single piece of artwork I have created since I launched this blog in March. Whether it’s the silly little doodles I make for my life posts, the fan art I create to complement books, tv shows, and movies discussions in my stories posts, or the random illustrations I feature in my art posts – it’s pretty much all there and, generally speaking, I love and am proud of it all. That being said, every artist – whether illustrator or poet or author or photographer – has moments where the work they create causes cringe and there has been one set of illustrations I have hid from you all since I launched this blog because… yikes.

You see, when my blog launched in March, I got really excited about creating and sort of became obsessed with the desire to doodle all the time. I almost want to say in a way it became more about creating a certain quantity of illustrations for me rather than a certain quality because I knew my work would never be as good as anyone else’s and I just wanted to have a lot of it done so that I would never run out of things to share here. And that’s fine, this is my blog and I can do what I want. But the same thing happened as I mentioned in my thoughts on participating in an Instagram challenge: I realized I don’t want to create just for the sake of creating because my enjoyment wavers and the end results can sometimes be a bit scary.

So today, in the sake of transparency and to encourage any creatives out there that they are not alone in their bad days, I thought I would share a collection of illustrations that I originally refused to post on the blog because I disliked them so much.

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