I’ll never drive a car in the UK

I’ll never drive a car in the UK

Okay, maybe never is a strong word. But honestly, I have no desire to learn how to drive in the UK.

Back in the States, I am a licensed and confident driver. My mom taught me how to drive in parking lots and cemeteries, I went to the BMV and passed my tests on the first try, and I spent almost a decade happily driving without a care in the world.

Sure, there was that one time a cop pulled me over in my driveway for speeding on the way home because I needed to pee and there was also that one minor incident where I hit a car in front of me that slammed on its brakes, but apart from that, driving in the States for me was not a problem.

But here in the UK? Heck no. I have no desire to drive on these roads. Why?

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A reflection on my digital art adventures

A reflection on my digital art adventures

Did you notice anything different about my drawings when looking at my most recent blog posts? Huh huh huh?

Well, apart from the fact that my style of drawing is constantly changing (something we’ll take a closer look at in this post), I’ve officially transitioned into creating digital art. That’s right, those masterpieces accompanying those recent posts are made entirely through digital means instead of markers and pens and, I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love them.

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I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

Remember in my last post when I mentioned that I planned on sharing my complaints about living in the UK because it’s too fun to complain not to? I wasn’t lying. It’s only been three days since that last post and I’m already ready to throw out my first complaint:

I was promised grey skies, not a heat wave.

London is often portrayed as a place of grey skies and moderate temperatures. Sure, there are usually a few days of sunshine and occasionally it’ll snow, but for the most part it’s just sort of blegh. (And I think most Brits like it that way because it gives them an easy topic to complain about.)

Coming from a state where we get all four seasons, I was okay with the prospect of losing my white winters and hot summers. While I enjoy looking out the window when snow first hits the ground, it often becomes more of a chore than a wonder. And the sun? Her and I don’t get along too well. I hate the feeling of my skin cooking and the increased amount of sweat that comes with higher temps. I just don’t like it.

So just imagine my joy and wonder when I finally move to the UK and suddenly it’s a freaking HEAT WAVE!

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